How to Buy Dhoda Mithai from Khushab?

How to Buy Dhoda Mithai from Khushab?

This is a very common query about Dhoda That How to Buy Dhoda Mithai from Khushab?. in this post we tell about the original khushabi dhoda shop and provide guidance about How to buy dhoda.Dear customers! Some opportunists are selling ordinary confectionery made from common compounds, which they forcibly call dhoda. These all shop keeper selling low quality sweet.Because in Khushab, only a few sellers provide pure sweets and these shops also have registered trademark numbers Like Anwar Dhoda Sweet Shop is producing the most favorite sweets of Khushab. Anwar Dhoda is a complete treat without any other sweet. It is king in all sweets. People of Khushab and all Pakistanis like this sweet too much. Any person who passed through Khushab must stop near Bank Al-Falah to buy Special Anwar Dhoda Sweets because this Sweet Shop has a completely different taste. whenever you buy a Dhoda from Khushab City, follow these instructions.

  • Never buy in a hurry.
  • Don’t buy pre-packaged Dhoda box.
  • Do not trust the shopkeeper, but the weight and packing in front of your eyes.
  • If possible, taste the dhoda then buy. A good shopkeeper will never offend but if the shopkeeper gets angry, then definitely don’t buy Dhoda from him.
How to Buy Dhoda Sweet from Khushab

Try to buy Dhoda from famous shops like Anwar Dhoda House, Afzal Dhoda House, Amin Dhoda House, etc.

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