Malai Kulfi – A Treat for Children From Kashmir Vally

Malai Kulfi – A Treat for Children From Kashmir Vally

Today I am Telling you the Whole story that how I know about malai kulfi. I had been amazed to start to see the enthusiasm of Aaquib Dhar to satisfy me at the end of this day. I was expected by him to wait for him in their classroom and hurried to their hostel-room to get his laptop computer. He had visited Kashmir for a break that is quick was waiting impatiently to show me various photographs that have been clicked from his end.

I ended up being surprised to see a myriad of photographs especially clicked through the winter that is harsh in Kashmir. I never had a chance to see or perceive the snow or ice in my life. Consequently, I was amazed to observe the real method and the way the ice and snowfall had covered the entire valley.

During the discussion, he ended up being expected by me personally,” Is it very difficult to remain in Kashmir during the wintertime months?”. He looks at me and nicely chuckled at himself. He included, “No, not at all Mam! In fact, it’s an occasion that is fantastic for all of us”. I had been wondering how it might be providing them with an occasion that is wonderful.

Suddenly he added,” we love the KULFIS that we prepare during this right time”. I remembered my pal that is own who an identical experience of planning BARFIS from natural ice or snow. Thus, the recipe ended up being discovered by me of MALAI KULFI.

Ingredients to prepare  Malai Kulfi

  • ¬†2 to 3 tablespoons of Sugar
  • 50 grams of Khoya (it is also called condensed milk or evaporated milk which is exclusively utilized in Pakistan and is common in markets or prepared at home)
  • 1 glass of Milk
  • 1 cup natural Snow or Ice
  • Crushed roasted Walnuts

How to Prepare Malai Kulfi:

  • Have a bowl. Add milk and sugar. Stir them well till the sugar is dissolved into the milk.
  • Add khoya and beat the mixture briskly with the aid of a spoon.
  • include ice that is natural snow into the mixture.
  • Now put roasted and crushed pieces of walnuts.
  • Mix it once again.
  • Insert the spoon in the center of the mixture.
  • Allow it to occur the way that is natural.
  • Due to the temperature that is low, the mixture would be set in five to ten minutes.
  • Pull out slowly the final end of this spoon and hand it over to the kids.


  • The ice is naturally free from all forms of dust particles and pollutants. Thus, it really is hygienic by nature.
  • It is ready from milk and its particular products only.
  • Consequently, it is very way that is healthy usage by the young kiddies.
  • It is ready in a manner that is natural.
  • There’s absolutely no food that is artificial or preservatives added to it.

Why it is recommended to Kids.

  1. It is prepared with a minimum number of ingredients.
  2. It is not at all harmful in its planning.
  3. Its effortlessly prepared by the young children themselves and enjoy preparing it in the kitchen areas.I
  4. It’s a very method that is great for our kids the importance of normal habitats and environment.
  5. Children understand and value their surroundings that are natural.
  6. It really is a product that is eco-friendly.
  7. This is an EDUCATION that is VALUE-BASED teaching sessions for our kiddies to respect their surrounding.
  8. Thus, a caring attitude is developed within them.
  9. Passion and entertainment can be observed in young ones.
  10. Love, commitment, desire, passion, and inspiration are observed in its preparation and consumption.

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