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Bari Dhoda Sweet Box at Your Door Step

 Ingredients Used in Bari Dhoda Sweet

  • Milk
  • Suger
  • Grain
  • Condensed Milk
  • Almond
  • Pistachio

Bari Dhoda Sweet Box is the new name in the sweets of Khushab that aim to provide a completely different taste of all mithai. They used Khoya in dhoda which increases its Flavor to the next level. Surely they tried to provide better dhoda than that the olds, to its lover.

It is also made with three basic things like crack grain, pure milk, sugar with different dry fruit for garnishing. But when you use this new sweet box really you love and like it. Their halwais put their all effort to produce high-quality dhoda mithai.

There is another uniqueness that the Bari Dhoda used the unique name i.e. “Bari” in khushab city because mostly low quilty dhoda producers used the same name with little modification of Anwar Dhoda, Ameen Dhoda and Afzal Dhoda.

So Bari presents a new taste with a new name but also preserves the original flavor, look, and style Of Khushabi Dhoda Mithai. They used yellow boxes Instead of typical boxes prevail in khushab City. So whenever you buy Bari Dhoda You also Check the yellow box because almost all fake shop keeper use the same packing but currently only this shop used their branding color so be aware of a deceiver.

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