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Delivering the Essence of Khushab Since 2010.

At Dhoda Online, our sweet journey began in 2010 with a singular goal – to extend the sweetness of the original Dhoda shop in Khushab to every corner of Pakistan. As a family-owned business, we take pride in being the bridge between the authentic flavors of Khushab’s sweet traditions and your doorstep.

Dhoda Online isn’t just a brand; it’s an extension of the legacy and craftsmanship of the original Dhoda shop in Khushab. For over a decade, we’ve committed ourselves to preserving the rich traditions of Pakistani sweets and ensuring that each bite carries the essence of our cultural heritage.

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Crafting Authenticity:

Our sweets, including the iconic Bari Pateesa, the modern elegance of Anwar Dhoda, and the regional pride of Ameen Dhoda Khushab, are sourced directly from the original Dhoda shop. This ensures that every sweet you receive is crafted with the same dedication and passion that has been passed down through generations in Khushab.

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